Ninestar Claims Solution for Canon Light Emission Chips

Ninestar, claims it is the first aftermarket company to provide its own patented solution for the light emission chip used in Canon inkjet printers.

According to the Chinese-based company, Canon is not only focusing on growing its inkjet business, but also protecting its technology by pursuing those aftermarket suppliers who infringe its patents. More recently they have had wins in Japan. Ninestar predict Canon will pursue further litigation in the European market.

As a leading aftermarket printer cartridge supplier, Ninestar says it moved quickly to be the first to have an alternative solution for the inkjet printer microchip, registering patents in China under number CN201110459870.1 and CN201110460180.8.

Ninestar say Canon’s patent is described as “the emission of light based on colour information stored in the chip. The chip data needs the colour ID in order for the printer to operate”. But Ninestar say their patent has an “independent” emission of light that “is irrelevant to colour ID”.

Because Ninestar respect the intellectual property of others, they saw the potential patent conflict back in 2011 and started work immediately to find the solution. Inkjet cartridges containing the chip are now available.

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