Office Printing Faces Changes in Papers and Physical Output

According to an article in (Marlin Business Systems, Inc. is a commercial equipment leasing and finance organization) printing technology has been changing in both the kinds of paper and ink used to create images. These changes have occurred since the advent and rise of the computer and the evolution of imaging technology.

By utilizing re-usable paper and/or waterjet printers, The Register says, printing may become easier. According to Nature Communications, letters could be printed on treated papers with water rather than expensive inkjet printer ink by using a water-sensitive dye. The advantage of this technology is that sheets of paper can be erased and re-printed without losing any color quality. It could help users save costs since they need to replace cartridges instead of ink, and papers could be reused.

In physical form, 3D printing has allowed for the creation of various products. New models in an office environment can be, as was commented by Marlin, beneficial, “especially in hands-on fields like engineering or construction where leaders want to see the effectiveness of a piece’s design before it’s adopted in a larger and more expensive situation”. Marlin concluded that 3D printing technology offers “new levels of improvement and quality into the average office’s needs”.

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