New York Company Issued Seizure and Forfeiture Order

A shipment of toner cartridges has been denied entry into the United States for violating the general exclusion order issued in investigation No. 337-TA-918.

According to the copy provided to RT Media, the owner of the shipment, New York-based company ICS/Cartridge King, has been issued a seizure and forfeiture order.

Finding the shipment in violation of the general exclusion order (GEO), the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (“Customs”) has denied it entering into the U.S. by handing out a written notice of the GEO. In the meantime, the Customs requested a seizure and forfeiture from United States International Trade Commission (USITC) under the investigation No. 337-TA-918.

Based on the information and documents provided by the Customs, the USITC issued a seizure and forfeiture order to the aforesaid company.

To date, USITC has issued 160 seizure and forfeiture orders to the printing consumables industry. This one against the toner cartridge manufacturer is said to be the 8th issuance in 2017. Among the 13 investigations filed against companies in the industry, 8 resulted in GEOs.

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