Judge Files Complaint Against HP

New Usage for Paper Industry Side Streams

Judge Files Complaint Against HPLarge quantity of side streams from paper industry do not have to end up in landfills and incineration.
So believes VTT Technical Research Center of Finland. Instead, the slurge and ashes generated from making paper can replace oli-based polypropylene to make floor tiles and storage containers.
The company has conducted a trial test to transform the side stream wastes into raw material in plastic composites using injection moulding and extrusion. In fact, the laboratory tests show that 50% of the raw-materials in injection-moulded composite could come from paper and board industry side streams. The amount of side streams has an effect on the product’s properties, such as strength, stiffness, heat resistance, appearance and the texture of the surface.
According to azocleantech.com, Plastec Finland Oy and Wiitta Oy made a trial batch of floor tiles and storage containers during the Reffibre project, of which side-streams accounted for 30%.
It is expected that side streams will be used for more products in the future, such as pallets and crates.

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