New Update Released for Multi-printers’ Easy Document Creator Software

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HP and Samsung Release Windows 10 Compatibility Update for their Multi-printers’ Easy Document Creator Software

As stories emerge of HP’s printer range vulnerabilities, it comes as some good news that HP (and Samsung) have patched a bug in the Easy Document Creator software for their multifunction printers. The vulnerability found affecting the software inhibited the scanning of documents on Windows 10 build 1803.

The problem came forward when Microsoft sent out the April Update (build 1803) for its Windows operating system. In this update version of Windows, Samsung and HP’s multifunction printer’s scanning component was found unable to perform. The vulnerability was specific to the lack of compatibility of the Easy Document Creator software in the multifunction printers with the latest version of Windows. Attempts to carry out this action would return with messages saying that there was an error in the process or that the process failed.

Born’s IT and Windows Blog reported on mitigation fixes for this bug which went in depth to suggest two primary ways to tackle incompatibilities of TWAIN and WIA connections. For an easier fix, Born suggested that users start using the Not Another PDF Scanner 2 (NAPS2) software which was compatible with the new update to carry out their scanning tasks. As time passed to that solution, HP and Samsung released their own hotfix permanent solution for the compatibility of the Easy Document Creator software for the April Update of Windows 10 v1803.

HP and Samsung have worked to release a new version of the software, version 2.02.53 which optimizes the software for use with Windows 10’s latest version. To update your multifunctional printers to this latest version, you can go onto the companies’ websites, search for your printer, choose Windows 10 as your operating system, and then search for the software’s corresponding update. This query will return the latest update for the Easy Document Creator software. Downloading and installing this update will allow you to resume your use of the software just as before.


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