HP Opens New 3D Center in Spain

With support from the Spanish government, HP has opened a multi-million dollar research and development center, aiming to boost innovation in 3D technology.

The new center in León, Spain, comes on the back of the 2014 Spanish government approval to fund €21.25 million to specifically develop 3D-printing technology at HP’s global headquarters in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Greater Barcelona.

The new HP Inc. has stated that, along with immersive computing, graphic-arts printing, and office printing, it will also focus on 3D printing technology.

The new research center is called the León Centre for Competence, with some 50 high-skilled employees and 13 vacancies available. It is expected to create a total of 100 new jobs within the next two years.

Plant manager Miguel Angel Turrado said, “This initiative will allow León to write the first pages of the fourth industrial revolution. [HP Solutions] was born in the spirit of a startup, an entrepreneur, but with the muscle and experience of a multinational with 76 years of history and a turnover of 50 billion dollars.”

Turrado also pointed out that HP’s presence in León has made the city an Institute of Computer Technology (ICT) pole in Spain, attracting some of the most talented engineers from within the country and beyond.

HP’s global headquarters in Sant Cugat del Valles is the company’s largest office outside of the United States. It’s first in-house developed 3D printer – the Multi Jet Fusion Technology, which uses HP’s page-wide-inkjet-printing technology – will launch in 2016.


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