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In response to various consumer demands, UniNet has released three new toner products for use in Lexmark, Xerox and HP models.

Its new multipurpose X Generation® Color toner formula, compatible with the Lexmark MPT LXC792, can be used in the Lexmark C/X 792 printer series. UniNet claims its formula offers the lowest cost solution with a very low cost per page. It is qualified to work with with all OEM and UniNet components. UniNet says the toner is available “in an easy to handle 1 kg bottle, offering remanufacturers the flexibility of carrying less inventory and a fewer number of SKUs. These toners deliver comparable print quality to the OEM product at a substantially lower cost.” The Lexmark C792 Series color laser printers and the corresponding X790 Series multifunction machines come with a printing speed of 50 ppm, with standard cartridges rated at 6,000 pages and Extra High Yield cartridges rated at 20,000 pages. These original Extra High Yield cartridges are priced at USD$300.00 for the black and USD$500.00 for the colors. UniNet says this leaves lots of room of opportunity and profitability for a remanufacturer with some expertise in color cartridges. The all-in-one design cartridges are similar to previous Lexmark models.

UniNet has also released an Absolute Black® MICR toner for use in Xerox Phaser 4510 printers. This toner has been qualified for check printing applications and meets ANSI, ABA and CBA specifications when matched with a compatible drum. Uninet says, with all other components already available, consumers only need to replace the regular toner with MICR toner and all is good to go.

The Absolute Color® toner and components is for use in HP CP6015 color printer series, which can print at 40 ppm, equipped with separate toner and drum cartridges. It delivers outstanding print quality but at a very high toner supplies cost. However, it is a potentially very profitable cartridge as it is considered EASY TO REMANUFACTURE; just needs to replace toner and smart chip.

UniNet also offers a complete product solution to serve the needs of remanufacturers of these cartridges, and more information is available at

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