ILG Overcomes Difficulty in Special Toner

ILG, the US-based remanufacturer has added new and improved Fusion Plus technology to the CE390A Jumbo in ILG’s high speed OEM compatible line.

According to ILG, the technology is designed to overcome the difficulty in producing HP toners applied on specialty media. Most aftermarket players found most toners hard to meet quality expectation and have adhesion problems with coated papers.

Fusion Plus innovative technology system was introduced by ILG to solve the problem. The technology eliminates character, graphics and bar code voids, uneven coverage and smudging. In addition, it extends printer fuser life and significantly reduces necessary cleaning of printers, saving end-user printer maintenance costs.

ILG has now own a complete product line including the CC364A, CC364AJ, CC364X, CC364XX as well as CE390A, the new CE390AJ, CE390X, and CE390XX OEM compatible cartridges that use the Fusion Plus Technology.

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