New Program of Fuji Xerox to Help Business Gain Optimum Results

Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd launches the 1:1 Ignite Programme in the Asia-Pacific region, aimed specifically towards agencies and print firms to aid them in utilising the right marketing tools and technology to achieve the best results possible for their companies and their clients.

The first of its kind, the Fuji Xerox 1:1 Ignite Programme supplies a collaborative framework for training and development with a powerful and comprehensive mentorship structure. Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific designed the Programme to support creative agencies and service providers who want to break into 1:1 marketing cross-media space, through a comprehensive business model that accelerates their successful development in a competitive new market.

The certification programme, which spans several months, is a comprehensive framework for agencies or graphic communication service providers such as service bureaus and commercial printers to master all aspects and details of the 1:1 cross-marketing business model; from technical expertise to sales training, customer engagement, pricing and more. The programme goes beyond just the purchase of equipment. As Fuji Xerox Accredited Partners, partners who have received the certification are given the knowledge, guidance and support every step of the way in order to achieve their cross marketing goals.

During the pilot phase of the project, Singapore-based agencies such as Sequebb and Adbox, as well as Malaysian-based printing firms such as Xpresso Print and Golden Hope Communications underwent the programme with impressive results. Golden Hope Communications Sdn Bhd (GHC), a veteran in the Malaysian print and marketing industries, for example, went through the 1:1 Ignite Agency Programme, and gained practical knowledge to execute a complex 1:1 cross media campaign for a chocolate company, who experienced a tangible increase in customer loyalty and interest. This was done through a four-prong engagement process that included personalised postcards and electronic direct mailers, a customised website, a chocolate and customised calendar giveaway as well as customised mobile messages. This campaign by GHC reached an impressive 43 percent response rate, and was the first integrated 1:1 cross-media marketing campaign in the country.

“We found that the success rates for cross-media marketing are astonishing, compared to the traditional way of marketing,” said Says KL Loh, managing partner of GHC.

Singapore-based agency Sequebb Pte. Ltd. was able to target and communicate to the audience of their clients across multiple channels, thereby maximising response rates and providing options for call to action via web, print and mobile. Data was generated as part of their campaign and then utilised to develop segmentation strategies to push product awareness with relevant messaging, using data to engage, cross-sell and up-sell. KPIs were set as part of the overall strategic solution, and with one of their clients, Fotomax in particular, response rates soared beyond expectations across many of their target groups. In these case studies, strategies were designed to create a unique experience across channel for each targeted individual, while the tactics and communication approaches were honed based on test and first stage response and metrics.

The Fuji Xerox 1:1 Ignite Agency Programme is aimed at long-term sustainability. At the end of the programme training, Fuji Xerox Accredited Partners will be equipped to become strategic enablers themselves, delivering the benefits of 1:1 marketing to their own corporate customers and other service providers.

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