Samsung CLP-365 Color Toner Cartridges

The Samsung CLP-365 printers are based on an 18ppm black and 4ppm color Samsung engine. It has a first page out in less than 14 seconds monochrome and 26 seconds color and has a maximum resolution of up to 2400 x 600 dpi.

These machines have a very small footprint at 15” x 12.2” x 8.3” The machines are small and the toner cartridges are also small. (Thin). These are very simple cartridges to remanufacture. With the low stated yield, you could be seeing a lot of these!

The Cartridges used in this series are as follows:

  • CLT-K406S Black 1,500 pages $68.99*
  • CLT-C406S Cyan 1,000 pages $68.99*
  • CLT-M406S Magenta 1,000 pages $68.99*
  • CLT-Y406S Yellow 1,000 pages $68.99*
  • CLT-R406 Imaging unit 16,000 pages black 4,000 color $122.99*
  • CLT-W406 Waste Toner box 7,000 pages black, 1750 pages color $12.99*
  • *Pricing as of 4/1/14

New printer’s ship with starter cartridges rated for 700 pages black and 500 pages color. These cartridges all use regional chips that must be replaced each cycle. Make sure you have to correct color chip for your printers region.

Click here for the step-by-step guide:

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