New Model to Run Cartridge Business

Former Cartridge World franchisee is looking to expand his new business in his hometown Harrogate, with aim to meet the needs of customers.

According to, local businessman, Chris White (pictured) , established Green Ink Cartridges following the close of his franchise in Leeds. He bought the franchise in 2011 and operated till 2014. In 2015, Chris moved the business online and back to Harrogate.

Chris shared his faith in the new business, saying “We have a lot of learning behind us and we believe that we have the right model to develop the business. Online it has already [been] doing well.”

Having run Green Ink Cartridge online for a year, Chris has planned to open a shop. It is said that the Harrogate ink cartridge business is now moving from online to a dedicated shop on the Claro Road business Park.

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