New Mobile App to Achieve Real ‘Print-on-the-go’

New Mobile App to Achieve Real ‘Print-on-the-go’

Global ink and toner retail franchise, Cartridge World, has developed a unique mobile application, PrintWorld®, to meet the needs of the growing mobile workforce. PrintWorld will be launched at Cartridge World’s upcoming International Franchise Expo in New York City, reported

After the launch, the franchise giant will take the next step to work directly with Samsung to locate printers in free Wi-Fi areas all over the U.S. and hopefully the world. Ideal locations for PrintWorld printers would be transportation hubs, retailers, shopping malls, as well as academic institutions.

Cartridge World contracted the development of the PrintWorld app through a partnership with Samsung. PrintWorld enables access to full-function hardcopy printing and scanning for anyone with a smartphone, tablet or laptop that are “away from their office or normal work base location”.

“The global workforce is continuously evolving and, thanks to the advancements in laptop, smartphone, tablet and Wi-Fi technology, mobile and remote workers are now more common than ever,” said Cartridge World’s new global CEO Steve Weedon (pictured). “To ensure the mobile workforce is able to perform at optimal levels, a lot depends on innovation in the development of mobile applications, which is what led to the concept and eventual creation of PrintWorld the demand already exists and now the technology can support it.”

“As a global network of local printing product and service experts, Cartridge World is perfectly poised to fill a need that has yet to be met in the mobile printing industry,” added Weedon. “By ensuring the printers are maintained and function flawlessly for our mobile app users, our stores are the ‘missing link‘ as recognized by the imaging industry experts.”




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