New Enterprise Award—Who Are The Emerging Industry STARS?

In order to find more new entrepreneur “stars” particularly in startup, small and medium enterprises, RT Media is launching the New Enterprise Award as part of this year’s line up of Global Industry Awards.

The industry should be applauding new businesses, new innovations, use of emerging media that advances the print consumables industry.

RT Media Global Industry Awards, presented by RecyclingTimes Media, has been receiving increased attention from the worldwide industry since 2014 and becoming a popular industry tradition.

Recruiting nominations from thousands of industry people around the world, selected by a judging panel of industry experts from the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East and being presented before 13,000 visitors at the expo, the awards are a huge endorsement for individuals, organisations and companies.

In order to seize the moment to promote your new initiative or business idea, nominate yourself and tell us why you should be recognized for your clever ideas, hard work and entrepreneurial spirit!

In addition to the New Enterprise Award, another 11 awards are open for nomination.

Important Notice:
In addition to filling in your reasons on the online nomination pages, additional materials may provide the judges with information they need. You are welcome to send these to us directly.

You can also contact us if you have any queries about the awards, the ceremony, the nomination or judging process.


About Media Global Industry Awards Ceremony
Since the beginning of the print consumables industry, the first worldwide industry magazine Recharger Magazine, published in the U.S.A, has been committed to supporting and nurturing the Aftermarket industry with news, articles, technical support and awards. In January 2014, Recycling Times Media (RT Media) acquired Recharger Magazine and took over all its resources and readers. For 25 years, the annual industry award ceremony was conducted by Recharger Magazine and became a popular industry tradition. So RT Media holds its Global Industry Awards Ceremony each year to value and honor those who have made outstanding contributions to the print consumables industry.

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