New Distributor is No Laughing Matter

Epson used a comedian to announce its new distributor in Bangladesh. But it’s no laughing matter.

Naveed Mahbub, the comedian renowned for saying “Humor is the only way to shove truth down one’s throat—when the eyes are shut and the mind is wide open,” hosted the Dhaka event where Computer Source was named as the successful Epson distributor.

The Japanese company predicts inkjet printing will win a larger market share in Bangladesh because of the high cost of electricity and the higher dependence on power by laser printers.

Directors of Computer Source, A U Khan Jewel and Asif Mahmud welcomed key Epson dignitaries.

“As a distributor, Computer Source not only sells the best printer, projector and scanner of Epson through its country wide branch offices, but also provides service support to the end users and resellers in the shortest possible time,” said Asif Mahmud.

Epson’s Senior General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Satyajeet Satpathy said, “Because of the high electricity cost and bad impact of environment pollution the laser printer is soon to become lost. The Inkjet printer introduced to the market provides energy saving and echo friendliness facilities. On the other hand, Epson has also introduced Ink-tank printer for business profitability.”

Others from Epson included Epson’s India’s Vice President N. Sambamoorthy, Deputy General Manager Siva Kumar, and Zonal Head of Sales in Bangladesh Tanmoy Chakraborty.

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