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New Chairman for ISC

ISC, Chairman, New, Business, DecisionThe Imaging Supplies Coalition for International Intellectual Property Protection (ISC) has elected a new Chairman of the Board and three new officers.

According to ENX Magazine, the ISC has announced the appointment of Jeff Sampson as its new chairman at the most recent annual meeting. He succeeds Kevin Weaver of Xerox, who recently retired.

Prior to this, Sampson was senior manager of the Marketing EBD-Printer Division at Samsung Electronics America. Allen Westerfield, president of the Coalition, declared “The members and Board of Directors want to thank Kevin for his proactive involvement and support of the ISC. Our new Chairman, Jeff Sampson, brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to the Chair and we look forward to continuing to build on our programs and initiatives under his leadership.”

The officers elected are as follows: Alf Anderson, contract attorney at Epson, was named chair-elect. Steve Simpson, VP of Supplies Business Group at Xerox, was selected as secretary and Andrew Gardner, WW brand protection manager at Lexmark, was chosen to continue in his role as treasurer.

Westerfield finalized by saying, “Each of these officers has broad experience in the imaging supplies industry and are their companies’ leaders in developing intellectual property rights protection strategies to defend their companies’ brand from illegal activity.”



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