New Catalogue Set to Excite Dealers

Micro Solutions Enterprises (MSE) has introduced its latest catalogue which provides updated product information and details.

Luke Goldberg, Senior Vice President at MSE, claimed the company’s imaging supplies catalogue is “a true resource for MSE customers”. “It not only includes detailed listings of our intelligently re-engineered products, it provides insight into the processes that created them and help support them, such as our patented technologies, brand benefits, certifications, and marketing tools,” said Luke.

As was revealed, the new edition of the dealer catalogue provides information of all the most recent MSE products, which include those in its MPS Engineered and Advanced Color Technologies line. Also, detailed information on MSE’s online core collection program is available.

“We want each edition to be a better primer on MSE than the last, and we believe that our marketing team did a phenomenal job. We hope this is an indispensable tool that will be a fixture on the desk of every MSE partner,” added Luke Goldberg.

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