Business-Inform 2015 Nets More than 2,300 Delegates

Business-Inform (BI) held its 2015 International Exhibition in Moscow from May 19 to May 21, 2015. BI welcomed more than 2,300 delegates to this year’s show, achieving an appreciable growth compared to the record of 1,700 in 2014.

BI reports that visitors came from 12 countries: Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Estonia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Uzbekistan. The largest group of visitors came from 72 different cities and towns in Russia.

Regarding Exhibitors, BI stated they represented 65 companies out of China, Germany, Japan, Russia, Turkey and the USA. Stanislav Malinskiy, CEO of BI, was proud of the participation by leading companies that included: Chipcart, DaLZ, Delacamp, Integral, Katun, Profiline, Ramis, RM Company, Static Control, TEKO and VTT.

The Fifth International Conference “Business-Inform 2015”, which was held simultaneously with the Exhibition, provided a platform for representatives to exchange and share views on production and promotion issues in the international and Russian markets. According to BI, delegates participated in this Conference to discuss 13 reports presented by leading industry specialists. These reports were dedicated to the new printing devices from Kyocera, Sharp and Sindoh, as well as print outsourcing, MDS/MPS- solutions, print quality evaluation, marketing different segments of office equipment and the printing supplies market.

Mr. Malinskiy commented on the success of this year’s show and  extended his gratitude to the active support it received from Recycling Times Media Corporation, RechargeAsia, JR Consulting as well as the AHP Association.

BI happily noted the Business-Inform 2015 Exhibition is attaining more and more importance in Russia. Indeed, the majority of participants already confirmed their participation in Business-Inform’s International Office Equipment, Printing Supplies and Parts Exhibition planned for 2016.

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