New Browser Add-On Provides More Better Printing

An upgraded piece will help browsers using Internet Explorer 11 to get more consistent control of their printing.

MeadCo, a company specializes in development of web utilities and applications for Microsoft Windows has launched its latest release of ScriptX 8.0, specifically for Internet Explorer (IE) version 11.

According to Cambridge Network, ScriptX will allegedly allow all browser-hosted content to be printed with a more consistent format from any local network, on any printing device. Irrespective of the format—HTML, PDF, legal and financial documents, prescriptions, wristbands, barcodes, labels or tickets—the add-on will make sure each document will print out correctly.

While ScriptX 7.7 worked well for browsers using IE 10 or earlier, the latest add-on will work better for those users who upgrade to IE 11.

ScriptX was first put into use in 1998 and is now installed on many millions of Windows products globally, according to Cambridge Network.

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