NAND Releases Its Replacement HP M252/27 Toner

Using their patented “directed structured particle” technology Indian-based toner manufacturer NAND ipl has developed unique toners for dedicated use in remanufacturing the HP M252/277 cartridges (CF400-403 A and X).

Most currently available chemical toners suffer from either poor fusing when the toner polymer softening point was not lowered and poor heat resistance when it was.

NAND’s technology allows this conundrum to be overcome without any downsides. Additionally, the extremely low usage required by the system to match the OEM yield, had to be addressed. NAND intend to launch a M552/553 toner system, using the same patented toner technology soon, as these printers require a different formulae for optimal performance—a point clearly realized by the OEM.

Please contact NAND ipl for samples.

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