MSE Sees New Opportunities for Dealers

Following HP’s announcement of price increases on a large number of its toner and inkjet consumables, Micro Solutions Enterprises (MSE) predicted this plan, scheduled for October 1, will afford “a great opportunity to increase margins and profits with a high-quality OEM alternative.”

In addition, MSE says, these increases will apply to more than 100 HP’s high-volume legacy inks and toners, which along with HP’s recent changes to their distribution strategy, may push some dealers to change their strategy.

“As we always say, if you follow an OEM market-down price approach, there is margin in the channel for all players and value for the end user,” said Luke Goldberg, Senior Vice President at MSE. “When the market price goes up, it makes our value that much more resonant. Yes, they can try to pass these increases to the user, but that too is good for us because our value proposition tips the scales further in our favor.”

Further, the company adds, “This is very positive news for dealers who are armed with a product that allows for true OEM conversion, but could be bad news for entrenched OEM dealers who don’t feel they have that viable alternative.”

As was reported, before HP’s increases, Brother has made a similar announcement two months ago.

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