MPS Awareness Remains Low in Japan

IDC published results of its Japanese Managed Print Service Market User Survey 2012. In this study, 862 respondents in Japan’s enterprise printing environment were asked about their acceptance of MPS contracts. The results prove that few companies are actually entering into MPS agreements.

The survey results show that MPS awareness is not improving. IT departments have an MPS awareness level of 36.4%, but management levels are as low as 16.3%. Throughout many industries, IT services has the highest MPS awareness level of 55.3%. Though few companies are implementing MPS, their loyalty toward vendors among companies that have already implemented MPS is extremely high. Two thirds of these companies are willing to continue contracts with their current vendors.

MPS implementation is promoted mainly by the General Affairs Department (39.7%) and IT Department (32.2%). CIOs and IT managers combined at 27.1% are the primary decision makers for MPS implementation. Other decision makers include general affairs managers, presidents, chairpersons and CEOs.

Eiji Ishida, Imaging, Printing and Document Solution Group Manager for IDC Japan, said, “The key evaluation points in vendor selection are cost reduction, output equipment maintenance, performance and assessment ability.”

MPS is a remarkable service, including enterprise office output environment assessment, optimization of environment and continuous maintenance of the optimized environment.

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