Most E-Commerce Sites Only Have 20 Visitors per Day

With a boom in online shopping, manufacturers and retailers are rushing to use various channels to market their products on these platforms. The global print consumables market is no exception.  E-Commerce, albeit dominated by large organizations, is eliminating unnecessary costs from the supply chain and from people who are not really earning.

Yet, most online businesses have less than 20 visitors per day!

E-Commerce is much more than an on-line shopping cart. The vast majority of internet traffic goes to only a tiny percentage of total sites. Most small businesses actually have no idea how to develop web traffic that is a necessity for E-Commerce.

At the RT Imaging Summit—Americas 2016, Ian Elliott (pictured) will reveal why E-Commerce works for some—and not others.

With over 30 years of executive level experience within the printing, imaging and aftermarket industries, Elliott’s portfolio covers start-ups, sales, distribution, reverse logistics & asset recovery, business development, and executive consulting and management services. With a 15-year executive tenure at Nukote International, followed by 5 years as CEO at CertiCell and more recently 4 years as President & CEO at Print-Rite N.A., Mr. Elliott is well versed in aftermarket distribution strategies, supply chains and the effective use of information technology in business.

There are four sessions at RT Imaging Summit, to be held on June 2-3, 2016 in Cancun, Mexico, with each addressing one of the following themes: How the OEMs are Impacting Your Business, Market Opportunities, Finding New Customers, and Attractive Business Models. Industry barons will gather to discuss emerging trends including mobile printing, aftermarket color market share, toner and chip technologies, and blended remanufactured and new-built cartridge businesses, etc. Keynote speakers include Cartridge World’s Global CEO Steve Weedon, Clover Group’s Marketing Senior Vice President Luke Goldberg and Doxense Europe’s President Giovanni Giusti.

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