More Fake News

Industry analysts are critical of the Toner News website, which has again published fake news.

On October 26, the site published a false and misleading story stating APS Photoconductor Shanghai Co Ltd as being the patent holder of Canon’s toner cartridge “Dongle Gear” in China and Germany.

“It appears the site has provided a crude translation where the author appears to be confused between AEG Photoconductor Shanghai Co (which was purchased by China-based PrintRite which was renamed APS Photoconductor Shanghai Co Ltd) and Print-Rite’s own dongle gear patent solution,” one observer told RT Media.

Another commentator told RT Media it appears the only possible motive of the writer “is to harm Print-Rite.”

An APS spokesperson contacted RT Media to say the fake news is entirely untrue. “APS vehemently denies such misleading publication and reserves all its rights to take necessary action against the author/publisher of the relevant article.”

APS imports world-class technology for OPC manufacturing from AEG, Germany. AEG Optoelectronic Imaging Technology Corp. Ltd., has 40 years of experience in R&D and production of OPC drums. It is one of the leading producers of OPC drums in the world.

It is not the first time TonerNews has published false, misleading and harmful news, particularly about companies in China.

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