More Aftermarket Lawsuits Expected in Russia

More Aftermarket Lawsuits Expected in Russia

Compared with the U.S. or Europe, complaints filed by OEMs against Aftermarket printer cartridge companies are still rare in Russia.

However, according to Russian information agency Business Inform, this situation will change. OEMs have stepped up the number of registered patents in Russia lately.

Legal issues related to the violation of OEM intellectual property rights have been a hot issue in 2015 for the global print consumables industry. OEMs are striving to protect their commercial interests by actively using lawsuits accusing aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers products.

In the US, the industry has witnessed many legal and market decisions in favor of OEMs, many of which ended up with General Exclusion Orders (GEOs) prohibiting aftermarket companies from producing or selling products. Being aware of this, many aftermarket manufacturers are putting in more effort to learn about OEM patents and create patented technologies of their own. Favorable court rulings have been awarded to such diligent and innovative professionals.

Nevertheless, Russian registered patents will provide the OEMs with strong legal power to file complaints against Aftermarket companies. “Understanding OEM patents in Russia is becoming more and more important,” Business Inform’s Stanislav Malinskiy told RT Media.

Research on the Russian office printing supplies market has been conducted by Business Inform and they have prepared a list of Russian registered OEM patents in the field of laser printing. Published in the latest edition of Business-Inform Review magazine (issue #6, 2015), PDF copies can be found online in the “Our Research” section.


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