Mobile Drives Printing @RTISE2016

Mobile Drives Printing @RTISE2016

Waste comes in many forms: Squandering time can lead to lower energy levels; losing energy can lead to falling profits; falling profits can lead to stagnation of productivity; and there we are in a world where the only thing moving and growing is clutter and waste.

But imagine a streamlined world where fluidity meets greenness and efficiency, as DRIVVE.COM informs, “freeing up valuable time for other more important things, like the kind of things that human brains are innately better at than machines, like imagination and the other professional talents that make your organization excel.”

We at RT Media proudly announce: Thilo Lutzeler (pictured), CEO at Drivve Inc., to speak at RTISE Summit 2016 on The Advent of Mobile Printing: Apps, Software, Hardware and New User Habits—How Does this Threaten and Give New Opportunities for Printing?

Mr. Lutzeler brings to the podium 15 years of innovative business experience in managing distribution channels, directing marketing and PR initiatives, launching new products and services, performing economic analysis and market research, and providing scanning, print and document solutions.

The only thing that matches his knowledge of the industry is his enthusiasm for it. “Mobile is particularly exciting because it embodies all the things we no longer associate with the broader print industry. When talking about mobile printing people say things like explosive growth, pent up demand, new markets, new potential… and that’s a very different flavor than what we’ve grown accustomed to in an industry that is often more preoccupied with trends like the flattening demand for office paper, modest growth prospects for printer sales, and overall market maturity in things like consumables. So mobile printing is really the space where the new mobile economy meets the old print economy.”

In such times of such uncertainty, upheaval, restructuring, development and limitless possibilities, who can afford to miss this unique opportunity?

Click here for a complete list of RTISE Summit 2016 speakers and topics.

Wishing Everyone a Happy, Healthy and Productive Week,

Nos vemos en Barcelona!

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