Millions of Pounds of Used Cartridges Saved from Landfill

HP claims its recycling program, in co-operation with Staples, has collected over 128 million pounds (58 million kgs) of hardware and HP supplies.

According to 3DL Media, the OEM started to work with the office supply giant ten years ago. The idea was to set up a chain of return and recycling “drop-off” locations to recycle used HP ink and toner cartridges.

To date, empty cartridges weighing the same as 130 Boeing 747-8 planes or 29 space shuttles (including fuel) have been collected. HP claims that 80% of its original ink cartridges and 100% of its toner cartridges contain recycled materials, partly coming from Staples’ customers. The OEM also maintains all returned items were recycled instead of being sent to landfills.

“Our collaboration with Staples is a great example of how we can partner for greater benefit to our customers and the environment,” said Joe Pacula, Head of the Americas, HP Supplies business. “We are fully committed to helping customers recycle, plus buy products with recycled content.”

The HP Planet Partners program was established by the OEM 25 years ago, and has turned recycled plastic into more than 3 billion new HP print cartridges.

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