MFPs Products against the Falling Tide

MFPs Products against the Falling Tide

The Western European printer and MFP market unit terms fell 5.8% in the second quarter of 2016 compared with the same period last year.

According to IDC, both inkjet and laser segments are showing weak performance. Revenues saw a drop of 0.8%, including 3.4% up of inkjets as a result of business inkjets and 1.4% down of laser revenue. The laser market continued to fell by 7.9%. IDC asserted the prices in many markets are holding in comparison of laser revenue decrease and volume decrease.

Following another negative 3 months, the shipment volume decreased 275,000 units to 4.5 million devices. The decline is attributed largely to the contraction in consumer printing. It is, however, in accord with the forecasts. Despite the slump of 15.9% on business inkjet printers, the business inkjet shipment continued to go strong and rose 6.2%. MFP products led the highest growth rate of 8.7% up, accounting for 81.4% of all shipments in Western Europe in 2Q2016. The proportion is higher than 81% average in 2016.

The growth in business market including laser and business inkjet devices decelerated 4.9% and the value dropped 1.1%. 45ppm+ color devices showcases the highest growth with a seen positive trend in the following years.

Delphine Carnet, Senior Research Analyst in IDC’s Western European Imaging, Hardware Devices, and Document Solutions group, explained: “The negative trend in the printing and imaging industry continues in 2Q16. It is in fact difficult to look at growth areas nowadays in the market as both the inkjet and laser segments are decreasing in Western Europe. Business inkjet and high-speed laser devices show moderate growth in the current bleak economic context.”

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