Articulate Thought Leader to Share Industry Megatrends

Articulate Thought Leader to Share Industry Megatrends

Articulate Thought Leader to Share Industry MegatrendsThe Clover Imaging Group (CIG) is getting excited about its role at a new event in San Diego, California.

The 2016 Print Audit Top 100 Summit, now in its second year in 2016, is an invitation-only event. The brightest minds in the imaging industry will work together to develop innovative business strategies and practices.

CIG is sponsoring the September 7-10 event. Luke Goldberg, Clover’s EVP for Global Sales and Marketing, is known for his articulate thought leadership. He will lead a presentation and discussion on megatrends for 2016 and how these trends will affect the imaging industry.

Goldberg explained: “We are proud to take part in this event in its second year and look forward to participating in meaningful discourse and debate with our industry peers, which can help us plot a course for positive growth and evolution in our business. CIG aims to be a change agent, and events like this provide a great vehicle to collaborate and strategize.”

The specific considerations of the Top 100 Member selections include:

  1.  Past evidence of early adoption of innovative business models.
  2.  Business diversification beyond MPS.
  3.  Proven solutions-based selling methodologies.
  4.  Dominant market positions in local geographies.
  5.  Business models built on recurring and perpetual revenue.

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Articulate Thought Leader to Share Industry Megatrends

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