Memjet Superfast Office Color Printer C6010 Available in Canada

Memjet announced on April 16 the availability of its C6010 office color printers in Canada through its select network of office print resellers.

The C6010 color printer is powered by Memjet technology and prints at a speed of 60 pages per minute, making it the world’s fastest color desktop printer for delivering edge-to-edge, full-coverage color printouts.

Compared to traditional color office laser printers, Memjet’s groundbreaking, high-density page-wide printheads and associated office-printing devices are twice as fast but only half the cost to run. The C6010 printer provides an excellent combination of color, speed and low running costs for “borderless” edge-to-edge marketing materials, fast convenient business photos and quick everyday office documents at a lower cost-per-page than laser printers.

The C6010 needs no warm-ups, no moving ink cartridges and no delays between pages. It releases 700 million drops of ink per second to create beautiful color printouts. And the printer is always ready to function with part of the cost and energy consumed by laser printers. With the C6010, the definition of “office printer” has changed to match the pace at which businesses work.

Bill McGlynn, President of Memjet Office, states, “With the arrival of Memjet powered C6010 printers in Canada, small and medium businesses through their office equipment resellers can now for the first time access fast affordable color printing revolutionized by Memjet page-wide printing technology. The C6010 improves productivity in fast-paced office environments for all types of businesses looking to improve efficiencies, save money and print high-impact color documents.”

Ed Crowley, CEO of Photizo Group, comments, “It’s a rare turn of events in the managed print services industry when an all-new product emerges that fills the needs of end users and IT administrators on the client side and resellers’ needs on the business side. Based on our research, Photizo believes this convergence has happened with the introduction of the C6010 Powered by Memjet,”

The C6010 is available in Canada, except the Province of Quebec. It will be available in Quebec in the second half of 2013.

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