Man Stole Thousand-dollar Cartridges

An Arizona student was accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of printer cartridges from his school, as reported by ABC 15.

The accused was a student at the Paradise Valley Community College in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. According to the report, the student, Blake Skowron, entered the college near 32nd Street and Union Hills after midnight. He pried open the cabinets and took the cartridges out of it. Skowron then took a phone call, allegedly from his mother, and left for the parking lot before getting caught. All these actions were captured by security cameras.

His own mother allegedly tipped him off to the police, and the student was subsequently arrested and eventually charged with burglary.

ABC 15 reports that this botched attempt to steal US$2,000 worth of printer cartridges ended up costing the college more than US$5,000, counting the damage done to the doors and the cabinets.

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