LMI Launches Extended Yield Color Cartridges

Phoenix Arizona-based LMI Solutions has launched their new extended yield color series of cartridges, which are now available through all LMI distribution centers and Imagestar.

The company claims their MAX LIFE® Color series offers the industry’s largest range of color extended yield products coupled with the highest yields which surpass OEM and all aftermarket competitors.

Gary Willert, President and CEO of LMI solutions, says, “These products are a game changer for our reseller partners who can now dramatically increase both their profit and pricing in competitive situations where their opponents are using OEM or other aftermarket alternatives.”

Willert added, “Nearly all MPS providers use monochrome extended yield cartridges but, there are few if any, high quality extended yield color products available.  We’ve been working on this series for over 12 months refining the toner formulation, transfer efficiency and component quality necessary to achieve these industry benchmark yields, with the greater than 99% success rate LMI partners have come to expect. The result is that we are launching 24 SKUs across 6 printer engines making this our largest product announcement ever.”


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