Lexmark UK Launches 4-Year Guarantee Program

Lexmark UK is now offering free 24-hour online support and access to technical support by phone during working hours in according to its four-year warranty program.

According to wirthcounsulting.org, eight of Lexmark laser monochrome printers and MFPs and six color laser devices are covered under the warranty. Lexmark will provide all repairs to the selected devices for free, including the cost of spare parts.

Under the warranty, whenever a user’s printer or MFP fails to work normally, he/she can contact Lexmark Technical Support Center (TSC) for help. Printers not covered by the program may be charged for services accordingly.

To activate the warranty, log-on to Lexmark’s U.K.’s Web site here.

To see eligible printers, visit Lexmark U.K. here

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