Lenovo Releases New Printer

Lenovo Releases New Printer

Lenovo Releases New Printer

Lenovo Releases New PrinterChina tech giant Lenovo released its new multifunction printer Z1 at a price of RMB 1699 (US$240.3).

The new printer comes up with a hidden touch panel and a borderless design for the scanning area, supporting double-sided printing from the App and PC.

Adopting the drum toner separation design, users can replace the toner cartridge after the self-contained toner is used up, and the cost of single printing is as low as RMB0.066 (US$0.001).

It is reported that the standard price of the original toner is RMB 99 (US$14), and it can print about 1,500 pages at 5% coverage. It also comes with random capacity toner, printing about 1,000 pages at 5% coverage.

In addition, the Z1 multifunctional printer also features functions that are helpful for parents to mentor children with homework.

  • Taking photos or uploading wrong questions can intelligently erase handwriting
  • Intelligently identify question stems
  • Support one-click search for problem-solving ideas

With ChatGLM 100 billion large models, parents can easily complete homework guidance according to their children’s learning situation through the selection of key subject knowledge points and language input, support writing guidance, mathematics, physics, and chemistry knowledge points, and special English exercises.

In August 2013, Lenovo introduced its first printers for the Chinese market. According to Techradar, the announcement was rather low-key and was barely covered by Western media, with no review of the printers available online. Lenovo highlights in a press release that these laser printing solutions were targeted at the home user. They are integrated with Android devices, which allows users to interact directly with the printers instead of using a traditional printer to achieve this.

Lenovo’s printers are manufactured by the Kinpo Group, a massive conglomerate whose production lines churn out half of the printers sold globally. Also should be noted that Lenovo’s sister company, Legend Capital, acquired a 15% stake in Zhuhai Seine Technology, a Chinese company that develops and manufactures Pantum printers.



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