LD Products New Product Announcement

LD Products New Product Announcement

LD Products Channel Partner Division has added HP CF237A to their GOLD Line series.

This latest release is the first ultra-premium quality, brand new product to hit the market. The GOLD Line series is the only aftermarket cartridge series tested by BLI Labs in the last three years and was also just awarded the highly coveted 2019 Global Quality Leader award by a panel of 16 judges at the largest Imaging Supplies conference – Remax World Expo.

The GOLD Line CF237A uses a very similar BOM and manufacturing processes as LD’s HP CF281A, X, EY Series which was independently tested by BLI Laboratories. To ensure customer satisfaction, all GOLD Line cartridges offer both a lifetime warranty and a yield guarantee – if a GOLD Line cartridge doesn’t meet yield, a dealer will get a free replacement.

LD Products New Product Announcement rtmworldTo test the latest HP CF237A series contact LD Products Channel Partner Division today. Dealers will receive free samples to have the ability to compare any OEM product or existing Reman/NBC to the GOLD Line quality. The premium quality standards of the LD GOLD Line cartridges have been well documented, boasting the industry’s lowest return rate, 2019 BLI Lab Test Results and a battery of public testimonials from many of North America’s most prominent dealers.

“We are heavily invested in the next generation of premium quality new build cartridges that combine quality and performance like never before” Stated Aaron Leon, Founder & CEO of LD Products. “Our outstanding BLI test results combined with this quality award make our GOLD Line cartridges a ‘must consider’ product for imaging dealers heading into 2020”.

LD’s GOLD Line series of print cartridges are a commercial grade, non-infringing new build print cartridge sold exclusively through imaging dealers. Dealers enjoy a step up in quality and bigger margins over leading remanufactured cartridges

The LD GOLD Line Series of premium quality aftermarket laser print cartridges are sold exclusively through resellers and interested parties are invited to contact their LD Channel Partner representative to learn more.

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