Laser Printers to Register More Growth than Inkjet in the UAE

Researchers expect the UAE printer market will see a big shift from inkjets to laser printers and the growth in the laser segment will come from colour multifunction printers instead of single multifunction printers.

According to IDC, the UAE printer market grew 10 % last year and this year it will see growth at around 4.5%. The market value for 2014 was $310 million and is expected to be $320 million this year, reported

Ashwin Venkatachari, Senior Programme Manager (imaging, printing and document solutions) at International Data Corporation, revealed that consumers are now spending more on tablets and smartphones than inkjets. Enterprise and small-and medium-sized businesses prefer to use lasers as they print more papers.

In the laser segment, there is no much patent and R&D involved, vendors use third-party manufacturing facilities to produce printers. But in the inkjet segment, a lot of R&D investment is required and only a few players operate in the segment.



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