Laser Printer Supplies Record 24.8% Growth in China in 2014

Shipment of print consumables in China totaled about 116 million units in 2014. 59.34 million units of inkjet products were shipped during the year, down 8.7% compared with 2013.The revenue dropped by 10.5% year-on-year (YoY) to US$426 million. But laser products achieved a growth of 24.8% to hit 56.52 million units.The shipment value registered US$1.78 billion, increasing 8.3% YoY.

According to IDC, the shipment decline of inkjet consumables was mainly caused by smaller install base of inkjet printers and leading vendors’ integration of inkjet products line. Moreover, the increasing sales of original high capacity ink tanks, particularly Epson’s L series, substantially reduced the total volume of ink cartridges required and challenged third party CISS products. IDC predicted that the growth of high capacity ink tanks will drive inkjet printer vendors to change their product strategy and further pursue personalized and durable products.

On the other hand, laser printer supplies saw stable growth, attributed to larger install base of overall laser printers, particularly MFPs. Secondly, with lower CPP and better quality, eco-friendly third party laser products captured a bigger share. Also, more third party consumable brands were chosen in government procurement and leading business procurements. Thirdly, for lower price and color output cost, color laser printers were sold well, which brought more consumption of color laser consumables.

Yuanguang Huo, Senior Market Analyst, Peripheral Hardcopy and Printing Solution Market Research Group of IDC China, noted that China’s overall industry recovered in 2014 due to the growth policy implemented by the new government, which also drove the rebound of print consumables market. In addition, the price advantage and shopping convenience offered by online sales of print consumables impacted traditional channel distributors, who should consider making use of both online and offline marketing and sales.

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