It Takes just ONE minute! Nominate the best candidate … and win a free gala dinner ticket!

Companies, organizations and individuals will be honored, at the RT Media Global Industry Award Ceremony, for their exceptional contributions to, and excellence in, the print consumables industry.

We have already been overwhelmed by the number of nominations that have flowed in since July 1st. If you haven’t submitted your nomination yet, take just ONE minute to nominate the best candidates for the awards!

We will offer 10 lucky nominators free tickets to the RemaxWorld gala dinner where the award ceremony will be held and the final winners will be announced.

RT Media’s VIP readers, writers, advertisers, exhibitors and visitors, along with government, media and buyer group representatives will be at the gala dinner in Zhuhai, China in October 12, 2016. Nominate now if you want to join industry elites at the event!

The RemaxWorld gala dinner agenda:

  • Cocktail reception
  • 2016 RT Media Global Industry Awards Ceremony
  • RT Media 10th Anniversary Ceremony
  • Performance
  • Lucky Draw
  • Souvenir distribution

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