IP Issues Emerge in 3D Printing

OEMs gathered in Las Vegas have been warned that current laws have not caught up with the 3D printing revolution.

Many of the printer OEMs who are in the laser and inkjet printer industry are now going to market with 3D printers. However, as patent attorney Mark Schonfeld asked, who is responsible for what individuals do privately in their homes or businesses?

Mark  says, “3D is unregulated manufacturing, you can make something anywhere at any time without governmental supervision. And that’s going to change the way that IP, product liability and other areas of the law are going to be affected. “

Some analysts say the 3D print revolution may even end intellectual property laws as we know them.

“I think that is an exaggeration. I think companies need to protect their IP. But it’s going to change the way that they protect their IP. It’s going to change their methods of the detection and the like,” says Mark Schonfeld.


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