Consumers Warned about Ink Subscription Services

Consumers Warned about Ink Subscription Services

Original printer companies and the aftermarket are both offering a managed print, or subscription program, to home users and small business.

But Cartridge World’s Darren Turner is warning consumers to be careful, or it cost them more than they expect.

Turner, who is based in the UK, says consumers are attracted to the cheap, one pound 99 subscriptions being offered.

However, he warns that additional fees are added for delivery and if the consumer uses more pages than contracted.

Turner says it works out to cost about 5 British pence per page on these programs.

Turner, however, offers consumers a monthly package for less than 10 pounds, which includes a free printer and printer maintenance.

He says his Infinity scheme keeps the cost per page for consumers down to just a penny a page.

“What we offer them is a godsend, especially when we’re obviously a refilling and remanufactured company, which brings the cost of products down for the customer,” says Turner, “Now we’ve got the Infinity option. It actually makes it even more affordable for the customer. So this scheme is going to be great for them but I don’t think we’ll hear the certain liquid gold ever again in this store.”


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