Ink Cartridge Recycling Campaign Raised Over €100,000

An Irish ink cartridge recycling campaign for local charities has turned out to have raised more than €100,000(US$106,702).

The good work was done by local residents Denis O’Donovan and his son John O’Donovan in an effort to bring funds to thank the local cancer treatment facility for taking care of Angela, Denis’s wife and John’s mother.

According to, Recycling Appeal, the program created by the father-son duo, has raised money for a number of Munster charities. Denis and John started out by empty cartridges from registered companies around Munster without charging fees.

The program, started in 2011, has since collected more than one million used printers’ cartridges.

Within the raised €100,000(US$106,702), more than €66,000(US$70,423.3) has been donated to the Mercy Cancer Appeal for establishing the Mercy Cancer CARE Centre. Denis also chose to lend over €30,000(US$32,010.6) to the St. Mary’s Dominican Church Renovation Fund.

Denis O’Donovan said, “We started this successful campaign because my family had first-hand experience of the incredible care and attention received by cancer patients at the Mercy and we wanted to give something back, something that would make a real difference.”

The Recycling Appeal was running in collaboration with HP.

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