Kodak Walks Away from Prosper Sale

A global imaging giant has withdrawn from selling one of its inkjet operations.

Kodak has decided to keep its Prosper and Ultrastream inkjet operations. The company claims that the offers for the two businesses were too low for what they are worth, as reported by printweek.com.

According to Philip Cullimore, the president of Enterprise Inkjet and Micro 3D Printing & Packaging divisions in Kodak, the reversal is due to the performance improvement of Prosper Inkjet and the market’s positive reaction to Ultrastream’s new technology.

In fact, Ultrstream has sparked interest from many OEMs. Kodak has revealed that it has signed many letter of intents with potential OEM partners and is preparing evaluation kits to them.

Philip Cullimore stated, “We have made amazing progress in the last 18 months or so—Prosper annuities are up 40% and that drives profitability. The other thing is how quickly so many OEMs have signed up to take a look at Ultrastream.”

Kodak also expressed the intention to sell its graphic arts inkjet operations and expected to complete the sale at the end of 2016.

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