Ink and Toner Standards Adopted

Retailing giant Amazon has responded to requests to set standards to help consumers get a better understanding on their ink and toner purchases.

Amazon Consumer will use naming standards recommended by the Business Solutions Association (BSA) with its American third-party resellers.

Such standards, Amazon expects, will both improve ordering efficiency and lessen the customer confusion.

The suggestion to adopt the standards was recommended by the BSA Standards Committee.

Paula Kreuzburg, EVP at BSA, said: “This is a major development for the industry, and it relates the important role that BSA plays in helping shape the future of the business solutions industry. We hope that this is just the first in a series of changes that BSA is able to effect with our industry partners.”

April Fabien, Director of E-Commerce Services at SP Richards and co-Chair of the Standards Committee, also said: “The BSA Standards Committee is focused on defining standards for the office products industry, including images, videos and descriptions, that enhance the consumer experience. Amazon’s promotion of the ink and toner naming standard is a validation of our efforts.”

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