InfoTrends: Print’s Role Impacted by Mobile and Digital Channels in European Markets

According to InfoTrends’ latest study: Understanding Vertical Markets in Western Europe: Corporate Communication Requirements, printing will continue to be a major component of communications spending, but is on the decline.

The study, which surveyed 509 large organizations, says the reason is that organizations are spending more on mobile and online channels. As was pointed out, the future role of printing relies on its ability to “integrate with the mobile and digital channels”.

It was found that large organisations spend an amount averaging €2.9 million ($4 million USD) annually on print. During 2013, print represented 40% of respondents’ communication spending. Respondents anticipate print’s share of communication spending to decline 5.7% over the next two years but they believe print will still occupy first place in the spending category.

Steve Adoniou, Group Director of InfoTrends’ Consulting Service, says, “Print’s role is changing, but it is not disappearing. Competition from digital media is reshaping the use of print and the production methods to deliver it. Defending print’s role will require an investment in workflow automation enhancements that improve productivity, delivery speed, and cost.”

Lisa Cross, Associate Director of InfoTrends’ Business Development Strategies Service, said, “The research study confirms that pursuing a multi-channel communications strategy is important and growing in the European corporate market. Its importance is driven by organizations’ need to serve and communicate with customers that have different delivery requirements and preferences.”

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