Imaging Channel Resellers Offered Revolutionary Office Automation Solution

Clover Imaging Group (CIG) has formed a strategic partnership with MWA Intelligence, Inc, to use FORZA—to better automate office responsibilities.

The company claims FORZA to be a “revolutionary enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution” or a business management platform.

CIG’s imaging products will now be available for dealers to order directly through FORZA, built on SAP Business One.

According to CIG, this partnership provides imaging dealers with an opportunity to gain a competitive edge with enhanced profitability and customer satisfaction.

Jim Cerkleski(pictured), CEO of Clover Holdings, Inc., said, CIG is always looking for innovative ways to enhance their product and solution offerings for their dedicated dealers.

Cerkleski added, “We are proud to integrate with FORZA’s platform to provide imaging dealers a convenient way to order product while also organizing and automating their business tasks. FORZA helps dealers succeed by streamlining everyday finance, product ordering, and other significant company responsibilities.”

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