HYB Hold Team Building Olympics

HYB Hold Team Building Olympics

HYB Hold Team Building Olympics

HYB Hold Team Building OlympicsIn order to strengthen internal cooperation, HYB organized its mini Olympics, using fruit, at their Zhuhai Headquarters on August 27, 2021.

Combining sports activities with fruits in various ways, such as “Fruit linking”, “Fruit ring”, “Chopsticks and fruit”, the fruit games require concentration and teamwork from all the participants.

HYB Hold Team Building Olympics

“It’s really a good occasion for all the colleagues to meet each other regardless of their responsibilities and department. All colleagues from sales, technical, production, QC, and other departments are mixed together and re-divided into 8 different teams. We got closer through teamwork. In addition, we can enjoy the fruits together at the end,” said Yu Zhiluo, the inspector from the Quality Control department.

HYB cares for the employees as family and the owner, Vincent Chen, trusts that it is only a united team that will work for one goal and enjoy working in the company. “This is one of the reasons why talents join the company. This is also the reason why it gets stronger year by year. The team efforts have enabled the 23-year old company to be the leading manufacturer and preferred option for copier imaging supplies and spare parts in the global market,” said the spokesman from HYB.

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