rtmworld Hubei Dinglong President Shunquan Zhu

Hubei Dinglong Sets Higher Environmental Standard

rtmworld Hubei Dinglong President Shunquan ZhuThe Chinese government is challenging chemical-related companies to take more responsibility in dealing with their waste in a bid to raise its international profile as being an environmentally responsible global leader.

Hubei Dinglong (Dinglong) is one of the world’s largest producer of toner chemicals such as charge control agents and toners used in laser printers and copiers for both OEM and aftermarket manufacturers.

To help meet stringent new targets being set by the government, Dinglong has temporarily suspended some of its color toner process lines as it implements environmentally friendly processes that will meet or exceed the government’s standards. As a result, the leading toner producer will set a new bench mark for others in China, and indeed in other countries, to follow.

Dinglong’s President Mr Shunquan Zhu (pictured) told RT Media, “We are very aware that making a decision to invest in improved environmental standards may initially impact the supply of resources for our customers, but I believe we have adequately provided for this possibility and expect any supply problems will be minimised.” He added, “It is important that Dinglong, being a global leader, will continue to provide a better product for our customers that can also meet better environmental standards. We are committed to making our world a better place to live and expect others to follow our lead.”

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