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Dinglong Forecasts Fiscal 2019 Half-year Results

Hubei DingLong publics its enforcement from January 1st to June 30th in 2019, the whole group business is predicted as up compared to last year.

According to Dinglong’s reporting period, the net profit belongs to the listed company shareholder, which increases YOY 0% to 10%. The profit is about 131447800RMB/50,899,466USD-144592600RMB/19122739USD. Dinglong’s profit was 131447800RMB/50,899,466USD in the same period last year.

The forecast mentions that in this reporting period the non-recurring profit and loss is about 240,000,00RMB/3,491,569USD, mainly from equity transfer income and government compensation, it was 2461100RMB/358,045USD in the same period last year.

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