HP’s Launches Officejet Pro X Printers in South Africa

According to ITNewsAfrica.com, HP recently launched its X-Series of printers in South Africa, including the Officejet Pro X576dw, X551dw, X451dw and X476dw.

Reports reveal that the HP Officejet Pro X Series was Guinness World Records-certified for the fastest time to print 500 sheets by an office color desktop printer. It achieved that feat in 7 minutes, 19 seconds. The record was set on HP X551dw and X576dw models. In addition, without compromising quality, HP’s Officejet Pro X is the first range of printers to be awarded the Blue Angel eco-label certificate.

Merce Barcons, Vice President for Inkjet Hardware Category of EMEA Printing Systems at HP, declared, “The Officejet Pro X Series produces high-quality documents at the fastest ever speed and with lower cost. With less energy use, these printers can also help business owners reduce overheads and cut waste.”

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