HP Singapore Splits Up

Since November 2, 2015, HP Sigapore is officially operating as two independent companies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and HP Inc., in accordance with HP’s global split plan.

After separation, HPE will mainly sell business IT solutions and services, while HP Inc. will focus on PCs and printers. Running the global printer supply chain and manufacturing factories here, the new HP Inc. may have a bigger operation in Singapore. HPE has a manufacturing facility of servers too, with an HP lab center in Singapore.

To ensure the separation goes smoothly, HP Singapore has gone through a flurry of intensive work over the last few months. New staff badges and work emails have been provided to employees in compliance with specific requirements, and a new green box HPE logo has been hung up outside the office building at Alexandra Road.

According to Straits Times, HP Singapore held a roadshow earlier for employees and business partners to learn future business strategies and to answer questions that they might have on the separation.

Mr. Loh Khai Peng, HPE’s Singapore Managing Director, considered the split a “seamless and smooth separation”. He said, “Employees and customers have been briefed. We continue to sell the same computer servers, storage, networks and services. And we have new solutions coming up.”

Regarding HP’s service and support after separation, feedbacks from customers are positive. Mr. Alan Goh, Chief information officer of M1, said, “There were hiccups but they had been quickly resolved.”


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