HP Responds to Aftermarket Activity

Episode 97  November 27, 2013


In this bulletin, David Gibbons shares with you the following big news from the printer consumables industry:


1. HP Responds to Aftermarket Activity;

2. It’s estimated 5.75 billion US dollars of goods were bought on November 11, on taobao.com, a site similar to eBay;

3. An Australia based artist has combined the iconic packaging of Chanel No 5 perfume bottles with Hewlett Packard printer ink;

4. Ricoh is enjoying a resurgence, thanks to a weaker yen and an 81% surge in profits;

5. Photizo is warning OEMs involved in inkjet inks that it’s going to continue to be tough for them;

6. Despite the gloom, the Funai Electric Company is getting into the ink cartridge business.

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